New Interview Structure


I forgot to include this in the blog a few weeks ago…

From looking at interview videos on the site from a year or so ago it seems they have outdated greatly. In order to stop this, we’ve decided to make the interview video more  funny with more interesting questions about a band rather than your typical “Hows the tour going” questions.

The approach were taking and something that we all agreed on is whenever we look for band interviews were looking to hear something we never knew about the band before not “So what other shows are you playing on this tour”. Hopefully by making the interviews more original, funny and interesting this will  boost the views.

We brainstormed loads of cool ideas, here’s a few of them:

Yes/No Quickfire round

Random YouTube comments from videos

True or false

Draw a picture round.

We tried the new improved interview structure a few weeks ago when we filmed Mount Eerie.


Quiet Week, Backlog


19th March – 23rd March

This week was a bit of a quiet week as Donnacha was out sick so there was no filming sessions. This time was used to do any back log editing, catch up on any bonus material and emailing bands for sessions in the coming weeks aswel as all regular podcast stuff, photo editing and website maintenance.

We filmed an interview with comedian Reggie Watts in early February when he played Whelans. We never got around to editing it as the lighting in this interview was very poor as we did it a very unlit stare-well. So Donnacha told me to take a look at this aswel and some stuff we filmed at the Trinity Arts Festival in February.

The general exposure of the interview was very bad as we had to bring up our ISO which made the footage very grainy. So with this it was decided to try it in black and white. Once this was done I edited the interview with some cut in shots from his show in whelans which we got permission to film the first twenty minutes.

Donnacha popped into the office during the week and we all watched it together. It was decided we weren’t going to release it as the quality of the footage was too poor and it would stick out in relation to all the other Cock and Bull TV videos.

The lads told me it’s happened a few times where they couldn’t release videos either because they weren’t happy with it or if a bands label, manager or the band itself weren’t happy with the videos. Mostly its due to the bands performance themselves, very rarely would people make a complaint about the quality of the videos.

Here’s a picture of a sad girl to explain my sadness over this:



Mail outs, Tagging, Podcasts


12th March – 16th March

After the whole process of producing a video the main thing you want is for people to see it. That’s why we make videos right and just like things in general. We want people to watch them and tell other people about them and so on. I’m sure people make things for themselves too, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of self recognition.

After each filming session we do at Cock and Bull we set up a spreadsheet in google docs and gather a list of people who have mentioned anything about the act we’ve filmed in the past 6 months or so.

Once we gather around 10-15 contacts we send them an email linking the video as we seen they had an interest in some of the artists we filmed recently.


Another important thing is tagging videos, you’d be surprised at how much tagging can help boost your views and your profile. We always try and make the tags in the cock and bull videos relevant to the artist. Simple things like tagging there most recent album, names of people in the band, cameras we filmed on, where it was filmed etc etc.

It’s a shame to see a video go into a wasteland of nothingness for not tagging it correctly, which I myself was guilty before doing this work placement.

This week also seen me doing my regular stuff like editing podcasts, photo editing and we finally got around to uploading one of the Mount Eerie videos we did.

We usually film 2-3 songs and an interview with a band/artist. After the session we ask them what song would they like featured on the website.

A few weeks after we put out the main video or on a quiet week where we don’t have a session with a band we put out a video from the session we haven’t already put out as bonus material.

So be sure to see another video/interview from this session soon!


Split Screen Editing in Sony Vegas


March 5th – 11th


I think I’ve said it before a signature thing that Cock and Bull do in videos are split screens. I wasn’t a massive fan of split screens before but I think since doing my work placement here, they’ve grown on me substantially. I suppose what’s cool about it is you get so many perspectives and everytime you watch a video with a split screen you kinda see it from a different view. Donnacha gave me a quick crash course on how he normally does it in Vegas the other day.

They first started experimenting with split screens when they filmed GIVERS at one of Phantoms monthly gig nights in the academy. Ever since then a Cock and Bull video hasn’t been done without a few cheeky split screens.

The split screens generally vary from a 3 way with a large shot on the bottom or 1 large shot on say the right side with 2 small screens on the left. Here’s pictures for a better understanding!

Split 1

Split 2:


Normally on a shoot, we film with 3 cameras – 1 for a wide shot, and 2 close ups. So when editing we have around 6 tracks. 3 for the cameras, and 3 for the split screens.

We separate the 3 original camera tracks from the split screen tracks because we use track motion to create a template for the split screening.

Here’s a screenshot of the track motion screen we use for lining up the split screens and for resizing each split screen. On average we’d do about 3 – 4 split screens in any given video.


Gig Photography – Earth, Mount Eerie and O Paon @ the Button Factory


27th February – 3rd March

Since I like to take pictures an all, it only occurred to me the other day that I could maybe start doing gig photography for the site. One of my favourite bands Mt. Eerie just happened to be playing in Dublin this week – the perfect time to try me luck at gig photography!

Just earlier that day before the gig we were lucky to do an acoustic session with Phil Elverum of Mt. Eerie. I think this was my first “oh my god, its you” for filming with cock and bull. I’ve been a massive fan of his music ever since his early project under the moniker The Microphones. Check out the link below:

As he was playing in the Button Factory we met him in Temple Bar and brought him along to Cafe Irrie just off Cecilia St (quite an adapt name for mount eerie!). When we got to the location in this case the café, l I went around like usual gathering cutaways for adding into the intro and outro sequence of the video. The café was quite a small place so I put on my wide angle lens to get shots of misc stuff. Phil played 3 exclusive new songs from his 2 new albums he’ll be realising over the next year, which will surely be great for site hits since he has such a cult following in the music community. Word even spread amongst his dublin fans and there was a little crowd gathered when we arrived. Phil said funnily before he played “Wait, is this a gig now!?”

After we filmed the 3 songs we did an interview with him downstairs from the cáfe, all in all it went very well!

Later that night it was time for the gig! Cock and bull supplied me with a photo pass for the gig which was super cool. The lighting in the venue was quite bad so luckily I packed my good low lighting lens, the 50mm f/1.4. Possibly the greatest lens ever?!

Check out some of my photos here:

Photo Editing, Filming The War on Drugs and more


20th – 24th February

So my fellow CDM’r Ian is busy away on the design stage of the new Cock and Bull website. He’s building the designs in Adobe Illustrator. With both our knowledge of web design were always knocking about querys and ideas together, and whenever he gets stuck on something I try and help him out as best as I can.

Ian working away

Like I said before on the website we carry out reviews off live gigs and albums. At cock and bull we have a list of reviewers and photographers that regularly contribute to the site. After a photographer has his/her pictures edited they send them onto a local drop box we use. It’s my job to resize them for the web and just run over the pictures and see if the exposure or anything in them needs to be fixed. Basically acting like a kind of Photo Editor.

I learned a really quick way to resize photos a few weeks ago that really speeds up the process.

Batch Editing in Photoshop

Step 1: First of all you create a sub folder in the folder all your photos are in called batch or for web (etc)

Step 2: Open photoshop go to file >scripts >image processor

Step 3: Your then presented with a rectangular box

Step 4: Next you select the appropriate folder where your images are that you want to resize

Step 5: Choose your location for the new resized photos (that batch/web folder we created in step 1)

Step 6: Next choose the size and quality you want for your new batch photos

Step 7: Run Script

This Literately saved loads of time, so thought I’d put up a little tutorial of how to do it!

On Friday this week we done a full on band session with The War on Drugs, a great blues/rock band from America (check them out below!) I can’t wait to show you the version of the song below we did with them.

We did the session in the main area of the whelans venue where people normally stand while watching a gig. As we were doing a full band session we got help with sound from our friends from charthouse recording studios who first helped us out on the Fighting with Wire video we done a few weeks ago. While the lads were setting up mics and a ProTools session Donnacha left me in control of capturing cutaways of the band setting up etc.

The session went amazingly, and after the band played we caught an interview with singer Adam Granduciel outside the venue. After the session I was left to carry the gear back to the office and back up the files as all the guys were going to the gig that night (oh, the life of an intern) 😉

I’ll post the videos in here once there done!






Ghostpoet Interview, New Podcast and Trinity Arts Fest Editing


February 20th – 24th

I forgot to include in last week’s post that on Wednesday last week we did an Interview with London based musician Ghostpoet who’s album last year got nominated for the Mercury awards. We interviewed him before his show in Whelans.

Here’s the interview:

I was suppose to be on the wide but because the lighting in the backstage area of whelans is so bad I had to put on my 50mm and get back as far as possible.

This week I started editing another podcast along with the Cock and Bull podcast. Sarah, who also works in cock and bull has her own hour long show called Folie Duex with Sarah. After a meeting last week which included heavy discussion from Sarah on how cock and and bull TV can appear to masculine sometimes?.. according to Sarah anyway.

This is Sarah:

After this insight we all thought it would be good to start showcasing Sarah’s podcast on the website too.

We found out that Sarah had been using the internal mic of her laptop to record her podcast so to keep up with the good sound quality of the Cock and Bull podcast from now on she’ll be using the  Zoom H4N to record her podcast now.

Unlike the Cock and Bull Podcast, Sarah’s podcast is more structured as she is the only host on her show. Having no one to bounce off, she has a more definite layout to the running of her show and has an extra 3 songs to the the lads podcast. This ultimately makes the editing easier on me too as I don’t have to hack off unnecessary waffling that the lads tend to do in segments of their show 🙂

In the lads podcast there’s 3 hosts so there’s 3 host tracks and another track for music.

Sarah’s podcast has segments where she has 2-3 songs playing in concession so for her podcast timeline there’s 1 track for her voice and 2 for music so I can mix in music, fade out songs  etc

Here’s a grab of her timeline with the tracks named accordingly:

This week I also started editing on the Trinity Arts Festival we filmed a few weeks ago. I started on doing a song by Cloud Castle Lake.